The past few years have been challenging for the Southern Baptist Convention. Across our denomination, we have seen the number of baptisms steadily decline. We have seen membership decline. We have seen attendance decline. And most notably, we have seen our missionary force decline.

We, as a convention, have to ask some tough questions of ourselves. What will our future hold? Will our denomination put aside in-fighting for the sake of the gospel? Will we collectively commit to local and global evangelism and mission?

I think we can. And it starts with you and me in our local churches.

I truly believe that the best days for the SBC are yet ahead of us. When we think about it through the lens of the promises of Scripture, we realize that they have to be! There are still more than 6,000 unreached people groups in the world, and history cannot end until they have been given a gospel witness.

As I often say at the Summit, “past graces” are evidences that God wants to bestow future graces. Even through the recent decline, God has been incredibly gracious to our convention. Why would the Holy Spirit have done that if it were not to give us an unprecedented effectiveness among our neighbors, in our nation, and around the world?

God does what he does not to preserve institutions, but for the sake of the Great Commission. It’s all about the mission of seeking and saving the lost. That’s what ConventionalFutures.com is all about.

This site was birthed out of the desire to learn from leaders in our convention about the future for the SBC which God has placed in their hearts. As you read through the posts we’ve collected here, be reminded that the SBC is a denomination under the big tent of our confessional statement.

Within the boundaries of the Baptist Faith and Message 2000, there are multiple perspectives on many issues. We are an incredibly diverse and gifted denomination, and I pray that you see this through this site. I look forward to how the Holy Spirit leads us in that in the days to come. I know that if we cling to Christ, we can look forward to the future with hope, knowing that the best is yet to come—both for the SBC and the kingdom of God.